Hello, my dear judges of beauty! My name is Oleg Gushchin. I am an artist- knife maker. I concern myself with drafting, design and artistic finish of cold steel arms and jewelries. I use an individual approach and new creative decisions in my every piece of work. Furthermore, I know and respect classic styles and traditional arms and jewelry schools.

I was born in Tula. And this very fact means the beginning of my carrier of an arm maker.

Almost every second person is a gun maker there. Also I came to believe in predestination: wherever I go or whatever I ask - there are gun makers or jewelers everywhere. When I was 17, I had sold my first knife, made with the help of my tutor. Since then to this day, cold steel arms are the source of my bread and butter.

I studied in Orel art school. I improved my skills training with the best Russian artist gun makers and jewelers.

I master different techniques of jewelry materials artistic processing: engraving, etching, jewelry works, stone setting, inlay, wood and bone carving. I like working with silver, gold, black wood (ebony), diamonds. Gold is just a beautiful and nice material. Brilliants attach particular value to the work which is of no small importance. And I just like black wood very much. I don’t know why, I simply like it.

It is not the handicraft itself that I like, but the fact that God gave me the opportunity to create and to make what I wanted – I mean to incarnate an artistic concept in a material. My art school tutor said: the two dragons are terrible and God help you if you become one of them. The first one is an artist who has not become a master, the second one is a master who has not become an artist.

Some things are born immediately; the other ones need long months of work. So I have to enter into details. Sometimes, a sketch elaboration takes several months. And only after that working in material begins.

I participated in different international art exhibitions. My works are kept in many private collections and in Armory Chember of the Moscow Kremlin. I present you my works of various years.


Комплект коллекционный "КОШКИ"

Автор О. Гущин.
Дамасский клинок Егора Асеева.
Булат Лунёва.
Скримшоу Натальи Бобровской.
Серебро, гранаты, бивень мамонта.


Трость " Империя"

Автор     О. Гущин.
Клинок    Е. Асеев.
Дамасская сталь, нефрит, серебро, золото, бриллианты,
изумруды, гранаты, чёрное дерево, сталь.

Шашка "Казачья вольница"

Автор О. Гущин.
Сталь, серебро, позолота, бивень мамонта.
Ковка, выколотка, пайка, гравировка, художественное травление.


Танец жизни танец смерти

Булат, сталь, золото, серебро, медь, чёрное дерево.
Художественное травление, гравировка, всечка, резьба.
Автор       Олег Гущин.